Messages at Pleasant Grove

You can expect our messages to be Biblical, truthful and relevant.  We pray you are able to immerse yourself into God's Word, The Bible, and see how a book written a long time ago still brings truth to your life today!

  • the miracle of mercy:  God's Mercy and my failures - 8/18/19

    failing in something is going to happen.  How do we respond? learn how god uses our failures to accomplish his goals.

  • The Miracle of mercy:  Mercy is forgiveness - 8/25/19

    forgiving someone is one of the hardest acts of humility we can do.  but, it is vital for Christians to be able to forgive.  

  • The miracle of mercy - how much you matter - 9/1/19

    despite our personal quirks and habits, god loves us and will show us how much we matter to him and his church.