Our Mission:

Pleasant Grove Church of Christ exists to evangelize our community and world...

We will support each other, provide Biblical training, and equip our members to serve the Lord according to our abilities.  

We are a Restoration Movement Church

From approximately 1794-1835, six separate groups were organizing a movement without any knowledge of each other's existence.  Within the United States, there was a growing number of people who wanted to become known simply as "Christians."  These groups desired to restore the church to the New Testament teachings about key doctrinal beliefs such as salvation, The Lord's Supper (Communion), The Bible as authority, and other practices.  Key leaders of this early movement include James O'Kelley, Abner Jones, Elias Smith, Barton W. Stone, Thomas Campbell, and Alexander Campbell.    

We are a Non-denominational Church

We are non-denominational in that we do not identify ourselves by any other name but Christians and Jesus is the head of the church.  The Bible is the only authority by which the church should get its doctrine and instruction from.  We are not bound by a local, state, or national governing body.  Each Restoration Movement Church is autonomous and governs itself by leaders within each congregation.  

The Pleasant Grove Family:

A Brief History of our Church

Over 180 years ago, people with vision started meeting in homes to study the Bible and to worship.  One of their slogans was "we speak where the Bible speaks and are silent where the Bible is silent."  No doubt this was spoken because of so many divisions among Christians.  About ten years later, this group hued logs from the woods to erect a building which was small 34x38 feet.  The church was known as the Congress Church of Christ.

The building was remodeled in 1858 and the name was changed to Pleasant Grove Church of Christ.  The building was again remodeled in 1914 when a basement was put under the place of worship.  In 1959, classrooms were added, rest rooms were installed as well as  a nursery.  Growth of the church led to the decision to build a new building across the road and the new building was dedicated in 1969.  This new building is where we currently worship.  

Over 55 ministers have served the church during this span of time.  The future looks bright as we anticipate more souls brought to Christ and an intentional effort to seek to follow our Lord and His Word.  With a rich heritage, we are determined to simply be a "People of God" in Morrow County and everywhere He takes us.