A Brief History of Pleasant Grove...

Over 180 years ago, people with vision started meeting in homes to study the Bible and to worship God.  One of their slogans was, "we speak where the Bible speaks and are silent where the Bible is silent."  No doubt this was spoken because of so many divisions among Christians.  William Dowling heard the Gospel of Jesus and became a follower of the Restoration Movement principles.  This movement, started in part, by men such as Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone, and many others, aimed to unite all Christians by not relying on man-made creeds but taking the Bible for what it says.  For more information about the Restoration Movement, click on the "Restoration Movement" tab.

William Dowling came to the home of John Swallum who taught him the Scriptures and talked to several neighbors and a church was started in their homes.  The church met in homes until 1841 when a house was built from hewed logs on Mr. Swallum's property, and it became known as Congress Church of Christ.  Several preachers came periodically but one man, Stephen Cook, is mentioned frequently.  

By 1858 the church was self-supporting and the need for a new building was realized.  At this time, the name changed to Pleasant Grove Church of Christ.  In 1905 the building was repaired and again in 1913 when the church building was remodeled, and a bell tower installed, and basement was put underneath.  Due to continued growth, a new building was built across the road.  Ground-breaking took place on September 22, 1968, and the first service was held on July 27, 1969.  

Today, Pleasant Grove Church of Christ continues to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ while continuing to follow principles adopted during the Restoration Movement.  

-History of PG Submitted by Don Linn, 2019.    

Our Mission...

"Pleasant Grove Church of Christ exists to evangelize our community and world.  We accomplish this by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus, by supporting each other, by providing Biblical training, and by equipping our members to serve the Lord."